As the trend towards globalization of the industry, and mergers and acquisitions of American and European water companies increase, a more competitive economic environment is emerging. This is resulting in water utilities paying more attention to saving costs through optimal replacement planning of their aging infrastructures.

Anticipating this trend, Optima has developed a TUBIS-based prototype for optimal replacement and maintenance planning for water distribution networks.

The complicated variables in water networks and the need for an efficient infrastructure management system make water distribution networks an ideal candidate for Optima's services. In addition, water distribution networks share important features with gas distribution pipelines. In both cases, pipes of different materials and characteristics are buried underground and the data that is collected when a water pipeline is repaired is generally similar to that of a gas distribution pipeline. This points to the feasibility of adapting the analytical framework of TUBIS to water distribution networks. However, there are several relevant differences between gas and water distribution networks:

Optima has created models that take these differences into account.

We are looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with a major water company to complete our developmental work, leading to the implementation of the system in the water utilities. Please contact us if you would like more information about Optima's services for water distribution networks.