Corporate Profile

Optima, Inc. is an innovative consulting firm dedicated to the development and implementation of integrity management systems, which focus on integrity analysis, risk management, and resource optimization in natural gas pipeline networks and other infrastructure networks.

Established in 1984, Optima has an impressive record for undertaking assignments that have led to successfully implemented, high-impact decision systems. The Principal of Optima has twice been awarded the Franz Edelman Award by the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS). All systems designed by Optima have been implemented and are in actual use. A significant number of gas utilities and departments of transportation in all fifty states are using systems designed by Optima, in addition to Holland, Finland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Greece, Argentina, and Australia. Optima is currently showcasing TUBIS, the leading Network Integrity Management System for the gas industry.

The decision support systems designed by Optima provide effective answers to the formidable challenges of today's multi-objective planning processes, which must meet many regulatory and budgetary considerations.

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Optima's state-of-the-art models have been reproduced in numerous textbooks and form an integral part of graduate level studies in infrastructure management at several major universities in the United States and Europe. Our most important accomplishment, however, has been Optima's success in helping a diverse group of clients address complicated planning issues in a practical manner. It is our clients' satisfaction that continues to be our most important, ongoing goal.