Electrical Transportation System

Optima and its partner, The PA Consulting Group, have been engaged by a major electrical utility to formulate a modern inspection and replacement planning system for electrical networks, utilizing operations research models. Optima believes that there is much room for improvement of the current systems.

Although electrical transmission networks have been reliable in general, the blackout on the east coast of the United States on August 15th, 2003, was a warning signal. This event indicated a need for more progressive electrical utilities, which would use a rational system for accessing the integrity and reliability of the network. The industry needs a framework for upgrading this aging electrical transmission network.

Through the creation of PONTIS and TUBIS, Optima has an advantage in analyzing the issues surrounding electrical distribution networks. This is because underground electrical distribution and transmission networks have certain similarities with underground pipe networks and overhead transmission lines share certain characteristics with bridge networks. At the same time, there are several issues associated with electrical transmission networks, which differ greatly from those associated with bridge or gas distribution networks. The differences are in the physical characteristics, regarding the quality of the data, the manner in which it is collected, the inspection processes and the regulatory oversight. Optima understands the differences and similarities of the various networks well and has the appropriate experience to create the electrical industry's most comprehensive network integrity management system.

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